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What can I make with French wooden wine boxes?

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Asked by Natalie McCray | Question date:  Aug 19, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 18, 2022

Question Asked:

A friend of my father actually owns a small vineyard in France. It's in the Loire valley and I have actually been to take a look. It is absolutely beautiful. There is definitely magic in the air. And there is something about the topography that apparently means it is amazing for growing grapes. Well, it did rain every day when I was there, so maybe that has something to do with it, lol. But I must say, the wine was amazing.

We actually bought a few crates of wine to take home. I just love how the wine comes in those beautiful wooden crates or wine boxes.

So now I have a sort of fetish for collecting the wine boxes. And, even though I would like to say, all of the wine in those boxes in the picture was drunk by my husband and I, unfortunately that's not the case.

I find often if you go on a vineyard tour and ask politely, they will just give you a box, if you buy a couple of bottles. Also now friends and family have heard about this. I am getting beautiful French wine boxes from all angles. I probably, single-handedly have promoted alcoholism in my own family just so people can collect the wine boxes for me. But the French do live longer and the wine is absolutely amazing, so the two must be linked.

Anyway, enough chat of my boozy adventures around France. What can I do with the amazing, beautiful French wooden wine boxes?

I would like to make some sort of feature to commemorate all of these wine adventures. But I'm not quite sure what to make. I suppose a bar of some sort is a bit too obvious. Maybe something a bit more classy. I could make a fun cafe style table and cover the top with the box labels.

Or maybe stack the boxes and make some shelving feature. Maybe I should just dismantle them and cover the wall in the logos, I quite like that idea.

I would love to hear any other ideas people have. What can I make with these wooden wine boxes?

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What can I make with French wooden wine boxes? image one
Asked by Natalie McCray
Question date:  Aug 19, 2022
Member since:  Aug 18, 2022