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Mosaic decorated bowl with cat design

612 days ago • 1 likes • 0 comments • 0 votes • 0 follows
Shared by Gerald Dyson | Question date:  Aug 11, 2022 | Member since:  Aug 11, 2022

Knowledge Shared:

Hi, I have just finished my first attempt at a mosaic. I thought I would present it to my wife, who is a crazy cat lady, and see what she says.

If she says she likes it, I'll tell her I made if for her. If she says nothing, I'll keep quiet, ha! I think she'll love it, but the cat might end up sitting in it all day, it's big enough.

I just did a simple thing with some of those tiny wall tiles for bathrooms. I bought a few more, for the different colors. Kept a lot of them whole and broke a few and kept the nicest shaped pieces. As you can see, I basically just grouted them on top of another terracotta planter bowl thing I found in our local garden center.

It really wasn't that complicated, anyone could do it, especially if you have done any tiling. Just glue them down, then when firmed up a bit, grout over them and wipe off the excess.

It was actually surprisingly fun once I got all the pieces together. A bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle, except you get to make up your own picture as you go along. So there's no getting it wrong.

I have to admit the cat does look a little angry though, but to be honest, our cat looks annoyed most of the time anyway, so that's all good.

Hopefully, it will be pretty durable. I wouldn't fill it with water or anything, but then again, I used shower tile grout so maybe it might be ok with that. Mnn who knows! Was really just for throwing things in, we all need a bowl like that by the front door.


Wife loves it! Thank goodness, all that work paid off...
She was very surprised when I told her I made it for her. Only problem is now she wants me to make one for her mom and her sister and...

I'm going to have to start a little production line. Oh and just to let you know, the cat never said thank you, for me immortalising her in mosaic form. But really, what are you going to do about that!?

Mosaic mosaic cat pottery bowl present
Mosaic decorated bowl with cat design image one
Mosaic decorated bowl with cat design image two
Mosaic decorated bowl with cat design image three
Shared by Gerald Dyson
Question date:  Aug 11, 2022
Member since:  Aug 11, 2022