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Knowledge & Questions Tagged "Bar"

How to decorate a home bar project?

Unfortunately my friend's shop has gone bust and she has quite a sturdy counter that she needs to get rid of. It was all covered in posters, but now it is just chipboard and lumber. It is very stur...
Woodwork Counter Bar Home Bar Drinks Puns Crate Bar
How to decorate a home bar project? with tags Counter,Bar,Home Bar,Drinks Puns,Crate Bar
Asked by Roy Deacon
706 days ago
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What can I make with wooden cable reels?

Hi, I have ended up with these cable reels from a project and I was wondering if anyone has ever made anything really interesting with them. I know the obvious thing is to just pop a piece of glass...
Furniture Cable Reels Furniture Coffee Table Bar Table
What can I make with wooden cable reels? with tags Cable Reels,Furniture,Coffee Table,Bar Table
Asked by Jeff Thornburn
707 days ago
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Questions and Knowledge Tagged Bar

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