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Knowledge & Questions Tagged "Welding"

Can you weld cast iron? How to get rid of rust?

I was recently having a clear out at the back of my little barn. And I found a really cool old tractor seat in the dirt. I never even knew it was there. Maybe I should clean up more regularly. Anyway,...
Metalwork metal tractor seat welding rusty rust chair
Can you weld cast iron? How to get rid of rust? with tags metal,tractor seat,welding,rusty,rust,chair
Asked by John and Jane
343 days ago
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My welded chain table my wife hates

Hey, I was practicing my welding and it all got slightly out of hand and I seem to have ended up with this cool welded chain table. Unfortunately my wife hates it, but I think it's pretty cool. Eac...
Welding welding chain table
My welded chain table my wife hates with tags welding,chain,table
Asked by Kevin Todd
712 days ago
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Best book about welding for beginners?

Hello, I'm looking for a really good book about basic welding for total beginners. I know there are videos on youtube, but I prefer to get a manual and keep it. I learn better when I work at my own pa...
Metalwork welding metal metalwork car parts
Best book about welding for beginners? with tags welding,metal,metalwork,car parts
Asked by Brian Fulwell
712 days ago
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Questions and Knowledge Tagged Welding

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