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Introducing the Maker's Database from the Society of Makers. If you have an interest in creating anything, you'd be surprise how much valuable information you have in your head. You might think that little detail you know is insignificant, but others might really appreciate learning that from you. So please support the Maker's Database and share any little hint or tip you might have, so others might benefit.

The Main Crafting Ideas For The Society Of Makers:

And if you are just starting your maker's journey or your drafting hobbies, and are getting excited about a new project, craft or construction. Then our community is here to support you. Unsure of how to proceed, then simply ask a question, get a reply and let others in the future, benefit from your experience in the maker forums.

This is my mission for the Maker's Database and the Society of Makers and our online maker community. To inspire creative crafting ideas. I hope you join our family friendly forum maker online community, you are absolutely very welcome. Please tell a friend about Select Guild.

PS, want to know more? Read my silly crafting ideas blog rambles, or chat to me in my maker community thingy.

Daniel Wells
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There is something in all of us that wants to create. Whether it’s cakes or car bodies, sewing or sculpture, or paper craft ideas, making things is fun! From appliqué to welding, please share your knowledge with the online maker community.

But often, our results don't meet our expectations. I believe, this is not because we lack the ability. No one is born with an amazing talent. But rather because you haven't yet stumbled on that little additional knowledge or experience that will take you a lot further.

If you're looking for a creative way to spend quality time with your family, consider exploring a world of endless possibilities with crafts for kids and adults alike. Crafting ideas are not only a great way to bond with your little ones but also a fantastic outlet for unleashing your own inner artist. From simple and easy craft ideas like making colorful paper butterflies to more intricate art and craft ideas for adults, such as intricate origami or intricate papercut designs, there's something for everyone. So, gather your supplies, let your imagination run wild, and embark on a crafting adventure filled with paper craft ideas and so much more!

If you know anything, anything at all, share it! If you have 50 years experience or even 5 minutes experience, anything you know will be welcomed. We want your brain in our maker forums. Stumbling on a clever new trick, is not time-sensitive and your experience is valuable to me.

Learning from someone feels amazing, but sharing feels even better. Crafts for kids, crafts for adults and crafts for teens on the Society of Makers website. I hope to add you to the Society of Makers and scrape your brain of all that wonderful knowledge jam, spread it on a freshly toasted slice of Tiger Bread and share it all around to other hungry creators.

That doesn’t sound right, but you get the idea!

A beautiful, handmade wooden stool.


Share your crafting hobbies creating beautiful furniture, sculptures or structures. Wood is so versatile, sensual and emotional. Help others and let us know what you have learnt. Just starting, ask a question and benefit from other's experience.
A pretty scrap-book cover.


Celebrating wonderful moments in time in a beautiful, classic gift or family heirloom. Share your hints and tips with others in our forum maker. Crafts for kids can produce wonderful memories. Define styles and looks, or invent new designs. Have fun learning from experts.
A sculpture of a man looking through a window.


Take advice from a master of sculpting. Share all your experiences, a technique or a trick. Get ideas on new mediums. Teach others how to raise their skill level in our makers forum. Or just show us how you break all the rules.


Basically, I want to make the Society of Makers a website where people can ask making-related questions and add to the makers database. Or create their own makers studios. I want Select Guild to be about sharing making-related hints, tips or knowledge about easy craft ideas. Share inspirational arts and crafts ideas and crafts for kids. Questions and knowledge are obviously split into categories, such as Jewellery, Woodwork, Sewing, Metal Fabrication and on and on etc.

I call this depository of all making-related questions and knowledge about all crafting hobbies, "The Makers Database".



I wanted to make the website as easy to use as possible and includes loads of fun crafts for kids. Ask a question, comment, reply and like. There are no bad questions and no bad replies.

If you like the idea of making something, create your own makers studios. If you like paper craft ideas or just crafting ideas in general or if you are planning to make something for one of your crafting hobbies. Or if you are halfway through and stuck. Just add a question into the Makers Database and wait for a reply from our online maker community.



Or if you are an experienced member of the maker community. Or someone with an expert knowledge of crafting hobbies. Please share, please! Literally use the Share Knowledge button.

Knowledge is the most valuable commodity we need to start saving. Even the smallest things may be incredibly valuable to someone. So please add in your little tricks so others might benefit. Share your crafts for adults and crafts for kids.

And if you know a lot about a little, then please just wait for me to pull up a chair. Help us with our mothers day crafts.



If you can make it, you can share it. I want the Makers Database to be for everyone, no matter skill level, age, gender, industry etc. No matter whatever your crafting hobbies.

Whether you are dainty princess, sewing the world’s floofiest dress; or a big, hairy, bearded metal worker making a new exhaust for a 1936 EL Knucklehead. Well you are all very welcome to share you experience or ask a question. Share you easy craft ideas and your crafts for kids.



OK, I’m going to allow myself a little daydream. Wouldn’t it be great if this actually works? If we can encourage interesting and skilled people like youself, to join. If we can convince them to share their experiences. And maybe encourage them to support their fellow creators. Build a crafting community of all ages. Crafts for kids to help them start. Imagine if we could create one great big forum maker online community of friends and maybe more… Maybe I could add makers dating in the future.

In today's interconnected world, creative craft ideas aren't just limited to craft ideas for adults; there's a thriving community of crafts for teens and makers of all ages. Whether you're an experienced artisan or just starting on your crafting journey, the online maker community provides a welcoming space to share, learn, and inspire one another. From unique woodworking projects to innovative knitting patterns, this global network of makers fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas and techniques. So, if you're searching for fresh inspiration or eager to contribute your own creative craft ideas, consider becoming a part of this dynamic online maker community, where the joy of crafting knows no boundaries.

When it comes to crafting ideas that cater to a wide audience, there's a diverse range to explore. Crafts for kids can involve fun and imaginative projects that keep their creative juices flowing, while crafts for teens often incorporate more intricate techniques to challenge their budding artistic talents. From simple and easy craft ideas perfect for beginners to elaborate art and craft ideas that unlock boundless creativity, there's something for everyone in the world of creative craft ideas. So whether you're looking to foster a love for arts and crafts in youngsters or seeking engaging projects for teens, the array of possibilities ensures that crafting remains a dynamic and fulfilling pursuit for all ages.
Crafting ideas like making your own shoes from a wooden shoe mold.


Imagine if we could start capturing amazing making-related questions and experiences. Imagine if we could promote crafts for kids and get them off their game stations. Imagine where it could go, what a wonderful resource we could create.

Help me create the Makers Database and create your own makers studios on the Society of Makers website.

If we support each other, each of us will be more successful. Right now I need egg decorating ideas.
Crafting ideas like paper making.


I like the idea of creating opportunities for people to give more formal lessons, lectures around their drafting ideas. For experts to become mentors. To share people’s websites, projects and products.

I want to help people sell their creations and art and craft ideas. Help people make more money by sharing business knowledge. There are no limits to where the Maker’s Database can go.
Crafting ideas like knitting woolen jumpers.


Please get involved, share your crafts for kids, crafts for teens and crafts for adults. I’m going to need help designing where the Maker’s Database goes next.

A YouTube channel, interviews, books, podcasts, blogs about easy craft ideas and crafts for kids and craft ideas for adults. I want to make your creative career as successful as you want it to be.

A picnic, a cake, those little sandwiches with the crusts cut off... Oh, it's exciting to imagine one day having a real world meetup for the Society of Makers and our maker community. Sharing craft ideas for adults and arts and crafts for kids.


It is a wonderful thing to learn a new crafting skill and new crafting hobbies or fabricating techniques. We are one big friendly family in our crafting community. It is even more wonderful to show off your creations and support others through sharing your knowledge. Join the Society of Makers, and help us fill the Maker's Database with wonderful stories of creation and excellence.

We hope you enjoy the content on our website, Select Guild and the easy craft ideas included. We have many more exciting ideas and additions to come. From community sections to a Maker's Studio where you can share your tutorials. We would even like to create an image scroller call the Maker's Gallery. But our first creation is the Make of the Month awards, where you can vote for the best makers project you have seen that month. Thanks for reading and we'd love to welcome you into the Society of Makers, our lovely makers community.

Crafts for kids and adults alike offer a delightful way to explore your creative side and its relaxing too. Whether you're seeking art and craft ideas for a leisurely weekend or quick and easy craft ideas to unwind after a long day, the possibilities are endless. Kids can dive into colorful paper craft ideas, creating vibrant masterpieces and creations, while adults can enjoy more detailed crafting ideas that are challenging to their skills, hopefully producing some amazing results. From DIY home decor projects to handcrafted gifts, crafting ideas offer a fulfilling relaxing break from the real world and an escape into the world of imagination and creativity.
Tuesday 16th August, 2022


Hello, I think my head is slightly hurting, so sorry if this is a silly question. I have an old light fitting that I would like to hang in my house. But the problem is, is that it is really quite r...
Monday 3rd October, 2022


I found these beautiful Christmas fabric fat quarters in my local Hobbycraft, and I would really love some ideas as to what I can sew with them? Also, are there any interesting Christmas sewing patter...
Wednesday 17th August, 2022


So my friend had just moved into this house and kept hearing this strange scratching noise come from the loft. And even though it was 3.33 in the morning, and the thunder was cracking outside and the ...


Whether you are looking for crafting ideas for Christmas crafts or Halloween crafts or Easter crafts, we hope to have it all. And if you have some brilliant scrapbooking ideas or already do arts and crafts for kids, let join uis and let us learn from you. Hopefully all of that makes some sort of sense. Basically questions, answers, comments, replies, images etc. All for the world's most creative types, like you. PLUS, a lot more crafting community things to come.

Please help us build our crafting community and add your crafting ideas in the following areas:

So why not just take a browse through the Maker's Database on the Society of Makers website and if you find someone you can help, well, you know what to do. Or just share your creative craft ideas with our makers community.

Maybe, get a friend involved as well, that would be cool. Right, I'm off to find our about some diy Christmas decorations and Christmas craft ideas.

Hopefully, I'll see you inside.

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